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Former newspaper editor, avid runner, and Android convert.

(The following is all true, yet extremely out of date) During my short little entertainment career I've met or interviewed a LOT of people including Chris Cornell, Godsmack, Yellowcard, Silvertide, Avenged Sevenfold, Jethro Tull, the Veronicas, 311, Shinedown, way too many to list here. I've also met or interviewed an unusual variety of people like Jungle Jack Hanna, Seth MacFarlane, Mo Rocca, Dave Chappelle, and yes -- Dr. Ruth. One of my first 'real news' stories came a week before the 2004 presidential elections I worked with my friend Colin Mack doing news coverage at a John Kerry rally with Bruce Springsteen and John Glenn - we were sandwiched in between CNN and an ABC affiliate, which was kinda cool.

I've had a bar tab picked up by Vanilla Ice.

Here is an incomplete list of some the odd places I do / have worked at-

Buckeye TV (Programming Director) - Ohio State Student Television
NPR 820AM in Columbus
UWeekly (Newspaper in Columbus)

My favorite band is the Foo Fighters - I think Dave Grohl is a fine example of the modern renaissance man (or maybe I'm just jealous that he can play drums WAY better than me AND rock guitar while singing to boot).

Newsvine Notables:

  • Disproving the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers are Plagiarists' Nonsense
  • Relay for Life (for which my final Vinacity bud came from)
  • An interview with /">Dave Chappelle the first day Newsvine was public.
  • ..and the sketch that drove him from his show
  • Talking with Mo Rocca
  • Breaking the Stephen Colbert vs Wikipedia debacle
  • Getting hired at

and more to come... ;)

When not trying to paradoxically delay and take over the real world, I like to travel and try new things that scare the crap out of me. The newspaper I work for thinks this is entertaining, and have forced me to snowboard, sail, and ride nearly every roller coaster in Ohio and write about it. Har har.

Really, I'm a pretty down to earth guy. It doesn't take much more than a plate of sloppy joe's or chicken wings to keep me content in life. Of course, a little champagne and a girl on either side of you on the right occasion doesn't hurt too much, either.

You may have also read about me in The Washington Post, The Daily Jeffersonian, or The Newcomerstown News (and there's more on the way).

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